H!P idol challenge 25-26

25: Past group you miss the most?
Oh gawd ;w; It was a crazy -CRAZY-, but awesome duo. I loved how they we’re such a good friends and pretty bad kids xD They we’re so cute together, and they’re songs are really good and funny. This duo was something special, that H!P had never saw before. Watching their graduation make’s me cry every single time.

26: Idol with the best personality?
Okai Chisato~!
She’s freakin’ awesome xDD Seriosly, you can’t watch her without smiling and laughing. But even she’s mostly the funny mood-maker, she’s also really sweet and caring ❤

xD Some popular videos. 'nuff said.


H!P idol challenge 23-24

This is coming a bit late, becouse I didn’t have time since I was the whole day in the city. Geez I’m so tired and I think I caught a cold…Again xD I don’t wanna be sick. I’m shaking all over and my fingertips are frozen. The September just started, and it’s already so cold in here (/´A`); And yes, I’m talking about weather here xD
Well let’s start!

23: Past H!P member you miss the most?
The turtle and Sakichy.
Can’t choose between them.
Since we’re not hearing anything how they’re doing lately…It depresses me. Of we can hear something about Eri and her family trought her sister Rina’s blog and sometimes Momusu’s members are telling that Eri spend some time with them. But we’re not seeing pics of her. Well she wants to live private life and currently treating her skin, but I still feel really sad. She kinda fully dissapeared. Such a dorky little alien with a really sweet, sweet, sweet voice. I really miss her, and her dorkyness and voice ): I also miss her adorable wide smile.
As for Sakichy; well, She’s my favorite S/mileage member. I love her strong vocals – totally the best in S/M. Since she’s now on living a normal schoolgirls life, she isn’t maybe going to start bloggin or anything. So again, we won’t hear anything from her… I’m still not getting over it that I can’t see her smiling there in the S/mileage.
I really miss both of them like we all do.

24: Idol that is not one of your favorite but that you think is really good?
Yajima Maimi
Totally one of the best leaders~! She’s so kind and caring. She really loves C-ute. I want her to be my big sister xD She’s really beautiful (her e-hello previews are just stunning). and I adore her dancing skills. And her acting skills. When I saw a bit of her movie I was like “O___O OMFG SHE’S SO AWESOME AND COOL”. And she’s also so amazing in live concerts!
…I don’t know why she’s not one of my favorites xD

Going to sleep now. In a warm bed ♥

H!P idol challenge 19-22 + Mobekimasu

I forget to post yesterday’s idol challenge. I was planning to, but I forgot xD Sorry about that. So today I'm answering to 4 guestions.

19: Who would you like to be for a day?
Takahashi Ai! Why?
I would be really beautiful and have a perfect body
She’s the most popular member of H!P
I would have amazing dancing and singing skills
And also I would be creat actor.
I would own her large wardrobe with all her awesome clothes!
It seems that everyone in H!P loves and admires her xD
And I could hug Gaki ~!

20: The most charismatic idol?
Okai Chisato
Source; Wikipedia;

Charisma is
1.compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
2.a divinely conferred power or talent.

Yep, it matches to Chisato perfectly 😀
Who could not just love this girl?

21: The idol you have the most respect for or admire?
Nakazawa Yuko, Yoshizawa Hitomi & Okai Chisato.
Chisato is my admiration.
She’s beautiful, funny, sweetheart and a fighter who doesn’t give up. Her personality is the best (she’s the mood maker). Her singing is amazing. She really care’s a lot of people, and she treasures her family and friend.
As said, she’s my role model ^^ I want to grow up a beauty like her.
For some reason I really respect Yossi. She’s so funny, and she really shines positive attitude to life. She has gone trought hard times, but survived. When you’re looking trought the old Momusu’s videos you can really see how she growed up from a tomboy to a gogeous woman. She is definetely one of the best leaders of Momusu.
As for Yuko…I don’t know xD I just respect her a lot. Becouse she has achieved so much, and becouse even she’s old (lol that sounded so mean) she looks so young and beautiful! And I just love her yankee-character xD

22: Your favorite Costume?
Well I havent ever thought about it, since 50% (or bigger) of Hello! Project’s outfits are horrible xD But I really like some S/mileage’s costumes:

They’re really cute and idolish (It would be boring to see idols to wearing normal clothes all the time).
I also like these kind of outfits:

Those are so cute~! Even those those black knee socks spoil the appearance a bit xD I don’t like them so much.

Mobekimasu in PON!

Whole H!P (well not the eggs, but anyway) in same music video! 😀 In same single! So exited!
Ah I alreadt really love the song! So uplifting and sounds really cool.

The leaders yelling “Pon!” Huh, something is wrong…What’s Gaki doing there with the leaders? Oh, becouse Aichan isn’t there of course. And so isn’t Mittens becouse of her leg injury .__. But Gaki is fulfilling its role as leader. She will become a awesome leader!
Also lol @ the mistake, when they’re explaining the meaning of “MoBeKiMaSu” xD Two Momusu? Where’s Maimi? fail.
I just realized how big S/mileage really is now.

//Edit: found another video

So awesome ::D

ps. I still can’t log in to Hello-Online… It really pisses me off D:

H!P idol challenge 17-18 + Help is needed!

17: Your first Idol (first one you noticed/were exposed to)?
Nono and Aibon!
Well actually in that time when I found their Ai no Imi wo Oshiete, I didn’t even know they we’re in Hello! Project. And I tought they we’re chinese XD I founded it randomly just from youtube, and I remember that I liked it!

18: Favorite concert?
The photoshop of the DVD cover is so bad…xD
Aghhhh. A hard one.
Hello! Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Haro☆Pro Award ’09 ~Elder Club Sotsugyou Kinen Special~
That’s a long name xD I love it, becouse there’s all elders and also the wonderful hearts. This concert is so full of nostalgia and something amazing that tightens your chest and make’s you feel teary. A big stage with amazing stars graduating.

Someone please help me?
I tried to go to Hello-online, but what ever I try to do it just gives me the same message over and over again:

“[#2000] You are not allowed to visit this forum.”
I can’t even log out… I can acces the site with google’s translation, but of course I can’t log in, make posts or view the picboard. I checked that my account is not banned so I wonder why I it seems that the site is blocking me :/
Is it something to do with my IP? Someone who’s reading this (Chisatointelligenceagency, I know you’re reading this! xD), please help me xD

Momusu’s new pv


Everything in this PV is so beautiful ❤

So in the PV they wake up and open the door to the space (really purple and sparkly one) and they're there just looking really beautiful and it seems they're searching something.

And Aichan found it! Woaa, She taked a star from sky! xD
I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw Ai grabbing the star from the sky and smiling with really adorable smile Her solo was also just so amazing. She really shined in this.
The PV is really nice, it really make’s me smile and gives a good feeling. Like I wanna go to save the earth
You can take so much beautiful screenshots of this. I just love the visual image of this~! All the girls look so stunning that I just wanna scream xD Especially Eripon! Her outfit really suits her, and she looks very good.

Did I already mention the word stunning?

Sayu looks like a total goddes!

…The dance is still pure wtf.

Ok, this is really tiny post xD I could done better, but I’m kinda busy these days, so today’s idol challenge will come later today >___<

H!P idol challenge 15-16

15: Favorite Morning Musume member (current)?
Niigaki Risa. Is there someone as awesome girl like her? Definetely not! xD She’s unique. The picture above tells all. Her singing is so strong that makes me just go weak. When she’s on stage she shines. She really stands out becouse she’s so kickass in concerts! And her pesonality is so awesome xD There’s no way that someone could hate this girl. The queen of reactions and of course the creator of MAYUGE BEEEAM~!
Even urban dictionary thinks she's awesome:

niigaki risa
GOD, a member of the all awesome jpop group Morning Musume.
You wish you were as cool as niigaki risa, but no sadly you aren’t

xDD So true.

16: Favorite S/mileage member?
Ogawa Saki
The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will.
Ok, I haven’t really get know the new members of S/mileage & I don’t know if someone is going to be my new favorite, but right now it’s Sakichy power 4ever.
The adorable sunshine with amazing vocals and happy smile. That’s Sakichy.

Changing the subject….

Just O____O
*is dead* lol. That’s my fangiring moment xD
Tsunku made a big and a HORRIBLE mistake of letting this amazing girl go away…Also the same with LinLin.
A horrible, horrible mistake.

H!P idol challenge 13-14

13: Favorite Berryz Koubou member?
She’s the princess of smiles! (Chissa is the queen xD).
I love her personality. Such a happy and dorky girl. Chinami is so pinchably cute and gorgeous! She’s not maybe the best singer in Berryz, but she really has improved her vocals. She totally deserves more lines and camera time.

14: Favorite Buono! member?
Since she was my first favorite Buono! member and also my first favorite member ever~! She will always have a special place in my heart :3 She’s born to be idol, and her whole image is “I’m the world’s cutest girl.” Many people thinks it’s so annoying, but I just think it’s only funny xD Her character is to be cutie idol, so she can’t really help it. The thing that make’s me like Momoko is that se is a really good singer! Maybe the best of Berryz.