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H!P idol challenge 23-24

This is coming a bit late, becouse I didn’t have time since I was the whole day in the city. Geez I’m so tired and I think I caught a cold…Again xD I don’t wanna be sick. I’m shaking all over and my fingertips are frozen. The September just started, and it’s already so cold in here (/´A`); And yes, I’m talking about weather here xD
Well let’s start!

23: Past H!P member you miss the most?
The turtle and Sakichy.
Can’t choose between them.
Since we’re not hearing anything how they’re doing lately…It depresses me. Of we can hear something about Eri and her family trought her sister Rina’s blog and sometimes Momusu’s members are telling that Eri spend some time with them. But we’re not seeing pics of her. Well she wants to live private life and currently treating her skin, but I still feel really sad. She kinda fully dissapeared. Such a dorky little alien with a really sweet, sweet, sweet voice. I really miss her, and her dorkyness and voice ): I also miss her adorable wide smile.
As for Sakichy; well, She’s my favorite S/mileage member. I love her strong vocals – totally the best in S/M. Since she’s now on living a normal schoolgirls life, she isn’t maybe going to start bloggin or anything. So again, we won’t hear anything from her… I’m still not getting over it that I can’t see her smiling there in the S/mileage.
I really miss both of them like we all do.

24: Idol that is not one of your favorite but that you think is really good?
Yajima Maimi
Totally one of the best leaders~! She’s so kind and caring. She really loves C-ute. I want her to be my big sister xD She’s really beautiful (her e-hello previews are just stunning). and I adore her dancing skills. And her acting skills. When I saw a bit of her movie I was like “O___O OMFG SHE’S SO AWESOME AND COOL”. And she’s also so amazing in live concerts!
…I don’t know why she’s not one of my favorites xD

Going to sleep now. In a warm bed ♥