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H!P Idol Challenge ~ 3-4

3: If you are or were a boy, who would be your girlfriend?
Yaguchi Mari! Why?
She is really loud.
She is beautiful.
She is pocket size.
She has BIG and beautiful eyes.
She has an awesome laugh.
She loves video games.
She is a natural comedian.
She is energetic.
Her husband is maybe the luckiest guy in earth :’D

4: If the Idol was a boy, who would be your boyfriend?
This is so cliched but…Yoshizawa Hitomi. I can’t help it xD I actually had a crush on her ages ago xD
She’s so damn flirty, sweet, cool and adorable at same time, she just steals your heart. Well even she’s now a beautiful woman, she is still forever the tomboy of Morning Musume.