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H!P idol challenge 27-28 + Hapirapi ~Sunrise

27: Idol that you have a special place in your heart for?
She was my first favorite member ever and I have really good fangirling memories of her xD
I like her a lot, and still keep following her~!

28: Idol the brings to you special memories of something or somebody?
This little bit shy girl. Miya
Becouse I had a friend who was huge Miya (: She tought me to magical Hello! Project world, and we together always learned some H!P’s dances and we fangirled together. And we really liked Buono! and we always practised Buono’s dances -She danced Miya’s part and I danced Momo’s part.
Too bad she doesn’t like H!P anymore Dx

Kikkawa You’s new PV is released!

So happy and beautiful ::D This really made me smile
I like that PV is taked at outside and not indoors.
I wish the PV could has more storyline, but yeah this is great.
3:13-3:40 I LOVE THIS PART. Kikka sounds so amazing, and I love how after the song turns out again happy.


H!P idol challenge 13-14

13: Favorite Berryz Koubou member?
She’s the princess of smiles! (Chissa is the queen xD).
I love her personality. Such a happy and dorky girl. Chinami is so pinchably cute and gorgeous! She’s not maybe the best singer in Berryz, but she really has improved her vocals. She totally deserves more lines and camera time.

14: Favorite Buono! member?
Since she was my first favorite Buono! member and also my first favorite member ever~! She will always have a special place in my heart :3 She’s born to be idol, and her whole image is “I’m the world’s cutest girl.” Many people thinks it’s so annoying, but I just think it’s only funny xD Her character is to be cutie idol, so she can’t really help it. The thing that make’s me like Momoko is that se is a really good singer! Maybe the best of Berryz.