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Chissa’s all solo lines.

I was bored…Or actually I shouldn’t been xD I should do my homeworks from this week.
So anyway, I did this:

Okai Chisato’s all solo lines!
There can be some mistakes.
Enjoy while you can! I hope UFA doesn’t remove this…
And btw H!O is working again. Luckily it blocked me only one day.


H!P idol challenge 25-26

25: Past group you miss the most?
Oh gawd ;w; It was a crazy -CRAZY-, but awesome duo. I loved how they we’re such a good friends and pretty bad kids xD They we’re so cute together, and they’re songs are really good and funny. This duo was something special, that H!P had never saw before. Watching their graduation make’s me cry every single time.

26: Idol with the best personality?
Okai Chisato~!
She’s freakin’ awesome xDD Seriosly, you can’t watch her without smiling and laughing. But even she’s mostly the funny mood-maker, she’s also really sweet and caring ❤

xD Some popular videos. 'nuff said.

H!P idol challenge 19-22 + Mobekimasu

I forget to post yesterday’s idol challenge. I was planning to, but I forgot xD Sorry about that. So today I'm answering to 4 guestions.

19: Who would you like to be for a day?
Takahashi Ai! Why?
I would be really beautiful and have a perfect body
She’s the most popular member of H!P
I would have amazing dancing and singing skills
And also I would be creat actor.
I would own her large wardrobe with all her awesome clothes!
It seems that everyone in H!P loves and admires her xD
And I could hug Gaki ~!

20: The most charismatic idol?
Okai Chisato
Source; Wikipedia;

Charisma is
1.compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.
2.a divinely conferred power or talent.

Yep, it matches to Chisato perfectly 😀
Who could not just love this girl?

21: The idol you have the most respect for or admire?
Nakazawa Yuko, Yoshizawa Hitomi & Okai Chisato.
Chisato is my admiration.
She’s beautiful, funny, sweetheart and a fighter who doesn’t give up. Her personality is the best (she’s the mood maker). Her singing is amazing. She really care’s a lot of people, and she treasures her family and friend.
As said, she’s my role model ^^ I want to grow up a beauty like her.
For some reason I really respect Yossi. She’s so funny, and she really shines positive attitude to life. She has gone trought hard times, but survived. When you’re looking trought the old Momusu’s videos you can really see how she growed up from a tomboy to a gogeous woman. She is definetely one of the best leaders of Momusu.
As for Yuko…I don’t know xD I just respect her a lot. Becouse she has achieved so much, and becouse even she’s old (lol that sounded so mean) she looks so young and beautiful! And I just love her yankee-character xD

22: Your favorite Costume?
Well I havent ever thought about it, since 50% (or bigger) of Hello! Project’s outfits are horrible xD But I really like some S/mileage’s costumes:

They’re really cute and idolish (It would be boring to see idols to wearing normal clothes all the time).
I also like these kind of outfits:

Those are so cute~! Even those those black knee socks spoil the appearance a bit xD I don’t like them so much.

Mobekimasu in PON!

Whole H!P (well not the eggs, but anyway) in same music video! 😀 In same single! So exited!
Ah I alreadt really love the song! So uplifting and sounds really cool.

The leaders yelling “Pon!” Huh, something is wrong…What’s Gaki doing there with the leaders? Oh, becouse Aichan isn’t there of course. And so isn’t Mittens becouse of her leg injury .__. But Gaki is fulfilling its role as leader. She will become a awesome leader!
Also lol @ the mistake, when they’re explaining the meaning of “MoBeKiMaSu” xD Two Momusu? Where’s Maimi? fail.
I just realized how big S/mileage really is now.

//Edit: found another video

So awesome ::D

ps. I still can’t log in to Hello-Online… It really pisses me off D:

H!P idol challenge 11-12 + Sakichy…

11: Your favorite soloist (including ex-H!P)?
Aya & Gomaki!
I can’t choose between them >w< Aya is such a sweetie and everlasting jpop singer. Her voice is so gentle but still so strong. In while Aya has the image of a natural beauty and cute kind girl, Goto is more different xD She's doing really good in her career right now (even she's going to have a pause). Her voice is as awesome as Ayas! They're both so awesome and pro.

12: Favorite C-ute member?
Okai Chisato! The best of the bestest ❤
She's so sweet and amazing.
She make's me smile and cry.
She’s my sunshine.
She’s the person I admire.
She’s my idol.
She's awesome.
I'm pretty busy right now so I’m stopping praising her now xD


Just got finally home and watched the whole video ;__;
The green glowstic sea was beautiful, and ama no jaku… Gaaah I’m crying T^T
Good luck Sakichy! Always keep your smile, we’re all going to miss you so much ❤

Also the streaming of Buono!'s concert is going to start about at 12 hours from now on!
It starts at 8am in Finland so I have to get up a bit earlier, but ofcourse I do it to see Buono's epic live ::D
Link for the video.

H!P Idol Challenge ~ 7-8

7: Favorite Couple/Duo?
Chisato Okai & Hagiwara Mai combo aka ChisaMai~!
My 2 favorite C-uties! They have been friends so long time, and I just love seeing they fooling around together xD They’re both really cute and sometimes dorky. Their voices blend together pretty well and they’re so cute when they wear similiar clothes. They’re just awesome, you can’t really explain it in words.

8: Your favorite voice?
THIS WAS REALLY HARD. So many amazing voices in H!P ;w; Aya, Eri, Gaki, Chissa, Ai, Miki, Aibon…the list just continues.
But in the end it’s Chissa vs. Gaki xD Almost impossible decision.
Who’s going to win?
…Niigaki Risa
She has been singing over 10 years so her voice has really make progress. Her singing verges perfection. It’s so strong and she can control her voice so perfectly. She can sing many different and even boring songs and make them sound fantastic.
I also just love Chissa’s strong voice, but the control isn’t as good as Gaki has ^^ That’s why I prefer Gaki.
My favorite solos from her:

Well the last one has some Ai in but whatever xD

Speaking of Gaki… She is going to have a special fc event with Mizuki in October ^^/´
I’m really happy, since they’re both such a good singers and we’re maybe going to have a solo from both of them.
Can’t wait!

H!P Idol Challenge ~ 1-2

I will start posting my answers to Hello! Project Idol Challenge.
Lot’s of people has done this, and I wanted to try it too~
There’s 30 questions like “Your Favorite Group?” or “Idol with the best personality?”.
I’m going to answer to two question per one day.
Let’s start!

1: Your favorite Idol?
Definetely Okai Chisato♥
Well who wouldnt just love her? Ok some people yes xD She’s so amazing in all ways. She’s my (and other Chissa’s fans) idol and role model. She’s my sunshine and important to me. And her singing is so amazing ^^♥ And just look how beautiful she looks~! Flawless.

2: The Idol you hate or dislike?
Hmm, Reina or Riho.
I don’t really hate or dislike them, they’re just the one’s that are at the bottom in my ranking. They both have good voices, and they’re really pretty, and they’re one of the most promoted idols in Hello! Project. Still, I don’t see anything so special in them, and they sometimes can annoy me :/ Ofcourse Riho is just amazing, that she can sing and dance like that for her age, but I still don’t see her shining with all her talents and be so self-confident about what se does. Maybe it’s becouse she’s a new member and not so used about everything. I’m looking forward Riho get more confidence and get better and better by time.

Btw Today’s lol moment:

Morning Musume’s 47th singles, single V cover.
When you spot him, you will lol.

Graphics & Kare to Issho plaplah.

Tadah! These days I’m really into making graphics~ I’m going to start posting them here variosly.
I really like making them, becouse it’s not that hard and so fun.
Something I have recently made (Click some for bigger):

It’s maybe too blue xD
I made these to my Hello-Online’s about me-page:

Free set & avas:

If you want to use those avvies or sig somewhere, please credit me and don’t just stole my work~
It would be nice to have comments 😀

I just heard Morning Musume’s new single’s (wich is double A-side)  Kare to Issho… what the heck was that name? It’s so long xD

Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai. Yup that was it.
The beginning really stands out lol. But yes, this song is Sayu lead. Sayu lead? She finally got more lines in single’s than those her basic lines like “Ah” or “Un”. Or the screaming lines. I’m really happy that she got more lines than those “Ah”-lines that actually can’t count as a line. She isn’t the best vocalist of the group, but I’m still glad~
The song is nicely energetic and cute and the instrumental sounds just amazing! It’s a really nice song but doesn’t really impress much more like Kono Chikyuu (what was the name again?) and Ai’s solo did. I certainly love those songs so much~♥ I really like the feeling in those.