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What to watch on Christmas?


It’s been awhile.
My blog has been in a long hiatus becouse of authors lazyness lol.

Anyway, today is the 1st day of December ^^/ wich means that we’re all going to panic about Christmas in few weeks. But you can also enjoy Christmas by watching your favorite idols sing christmas songs! So let’s dig up some good videos from youtube…

The must-to-do on christmas is watch this 60-medley with Morning Musume:

It’s classic and I really love this medley. Singing in english so beautifully!
There is also some other medleys….

Some other performances of Christmas songs:

This is just too cute!

Sayupinku’s & Kohapinku’s duo is just so epic :DD And here’s Aipinku and Sayupinku singing the same song:

C-ute and Morning Musume performing silent night:

So beautiful…And ringing those bells to create the melody is just awesome!

Another must-to-doo thing is watch some cristmas Hello morning, Haromoni, Yorosen! etc episodes.

And also some fun for the new year:

And of course you have to listen some christmas music also. I must say that I’m so going to listen ChiisAiri’s winter love fanrecording!

The Douyou Pops 1:Christmas to Fuyu no Uta-shuu-album is a real treasure if you want to listen Morning Musume to sing christmas songs. Here’s Santa Claus Ga Yattekuru from that album and also a video:

I also recommend 7.5 Fuyu Fuyu Morning Musume. Mini!-album.

You already got in the Christmas mood? Good, becouse I’m totally in that too.


Fresh start!

So this is my new blog~! How do you like it? I like this new blog’s appearance much more than my previous one.
If you don’t know why did I do a new blog, please read my announcement at my old blog
So yeah, blogger went finally totally nuts, but actually I’m kind of glad about it, becouse I wasn’t really satisfield with my old one.
I’m not used to this yet, and posting is some way pretty hard (Blogger is more easier to use), but I will keep trying and start posting~
Nowdays I’m feeling like posting only in English. Sorry all my readers who liked my Finnish posts. I don’t know why, but I writing posts in finnish feels weird… And I really like writing english, and that way I learn english more and more.
I will be really happy if some of you will start to follow my blog m(_ _)m All new readers are welcome too~!