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Last H!P idol challenge! + randomness

29: Your favorite Morning Musume Leader?
…One of these hard questions xd Gotta go with Yossi & Ai!
Since Ai we’re the leader when I get to know Momusu. She has been leader so long and have made really good job (: She’s kind to everyone and a good teacher to new members.
Yossi was that kind of cool leader xD She wasn’t leader as long as Aichan, but she was still a good leader.

30: Why do you like Hello! Project?
– The music
– The groups
– The members
– The sillynes
– The TV shows
– The smiles
– The Happines
– The Tears
– The Concerts
– The epicnes
– The memories from it – The memories from it
Hello! Hello! Project HAS Given all These from us and lot more. Project has given all these from us and lot more.
“Thank you, Tsunku”

H!P is just something wonderful…It has changed my life and even tought me different things. Hello! Project is Love ♥


It’s over now ::D I finally finished the challenge. It was really fun and I enjoyed it.



Again? I was already having a bad day -___-
I think it’s becouse of bitTorrent, becouse I just downloaded stuff from tracker. I maybe try deleting bittorrent and use utorrent instead, just after I can go to Hello-Online again.

But this makes my day better:

(Woopsie it’s in finnish xD Musiikki = Music)
Momusu’s new pv is in youtube’s front page! ::D
But I hate those trolls that are randomly commenting there becouse they saw it in there -___-


New Momusu’s songs.

Here’s my toughts so far for the Momusu’s new songs.
The fanrecordings are really high-quality O.O That wota who recorded it is awesome.

My Way~Joshikou hanamichi~
Really energetic song. And yay for Gaki’s strong lines that fit this well! ^^
I think I heard some Zukki and Riho here…I’m not sure. But it’s great if they got lines. This doesn’t really suprise me or make an effect on me. It’s like a normal album song.

Suki da na, kimi ga / Michishige, Fukumura
I didn’t expect anything like this xD Well it sounds cool, cute and someway mysterious. It’s 100% autotune and you can hear a lot Sayu here. Too bad, I was looking forward to hear more Fuku-Himes vocals. But this is still a good song, that stucks in my head.

Kono ai wo kasanete / Takahashi, Niigaki
I have to say that this song made me tear a bit. Oh Takagaki, Y U FIT TOGETHER SO PERFECTLY? But yeah, this is really relaxing and good song. Nothing really special, but yeah I like this. I wanna know the translation of the lyrics NOW. Somehow this reminds me of C-ute’s The Party.

Give me Love (愛)

Omg maybe my favorite, So emo-musume xD It's really touching, and the instrumental is beautiful. In some parts this sounds pretty weird, but it just make's this special ❤ Ai sounds so gooood and her voice fits perfectly in this.

OMG THIS IS AWESOME. I simply love Gaki’s strong voice ❤
So energetic and the rythm and music takes meee~ 'nuff said 😀

Still hasn't hear Silver no Udedokei wich is sung by Riho & Reina. GAKI DOES A RAP-PART IN THAT ::D I wanna hear it so badly.
Can't wait to hear all of them more clearer in the album~

// Found the clear version of Silver no Udedokei

I simply love this.
The whisper sound at beginning *o* The instrumental. Riho & Reina sounds just so great! o__o Riho has improved so much. They’re really good. Everything in this is almost perfect. The melody is catchy and I like this type of songs.
When I heard Gaki’s rapping I couldnt resist so I just screamed a good fangirl scream xD I love everytime she raps ❤ Gaki is my favorite rapper…just right after MC Chissa ::D
Can't wait for this album~

Momusu’s new pv


Everything in this PV is so beautiful ❤

So in the PV they wake up and open the door to the space (really purple and sparkly one) and they're there just looking really beautiful and it seems they're searching something.

And Aichan found it! Woaa, She taked a star from sky! xD
I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw Ai grabbing the star from the sky and smiling with really adorable smile Her solo was also just so amazing. She really shined in this.
The PV is really nice, it really make’s me smile and gives a good feeling. Like I wanna go to save the earth
You can take so much beautiful screenshots of this. I just love the visual image of this~! All the girls look so stunning that I just wanna scream xD Especially Eripon! Her outfit really suits her, and she looks very good.

Did I already mention the word stunning?

Sayu looks like a total goddes!

…The dance is still pure wtf.

Ok, this is really tiny post xD I could done better, but I’m kinda busy these days, so today’s idol challenge will come later today >___<

H!P Idol Challenge ~ 7-8

7: Favorite Couple/Duo?
Chisato Okai & Hagiwara Mai combo aka ChisaMai~!
My 2 favorite C-uties! They have been friends so long time, and I just love seeing they fooling around together xD They’re both really cute and sometimes dorky. Their voices blend together pretty well and they’re so cute when they wear similiar clothes. They’re just awesome, you can’t really explain it in words.

8: Your favorite voice?
THIS WAS REALLY HARD. So many amazing voices in H!P ;w; Aya, Eri, Gaki, Chissa, Ai, Miki, Aibon…the list just continues.
But in the end it’s Chissa vs. Gaki xD Almost impossible decision.
Who’s going to win?
…Niigaki Risa
She has been singing over 10 years so her voice has really make progress. Her singing verges perfection. It’s so strong and she can control her voice so perfectly. She can sing many different and even boring songs and make them sound fantastic.
I also just love Chissa’s strong voice, but the control isn’t as good as Gaki has ^^ That’s why I prefer Gaki.
My favorite solos from her:

Well the last one has some Ai in but whatever xD

Speaking of Gaki… She is going to have a special fc event with Mizuki in October ^^/´
I’m really happy, since they’re both such a good singers and we’re maybe going to have a solo from both of them.
Can’t wait!

H!P Idol Challenge ~ 5-6

Soo yeah… Trying to keep my mind out of Sakichy’s graduation and continuing this~

5: Favorite Group?
Morning Musume!
The flagship of whole Hello! Project and the legendary million seller girl group \(*-*)/
Morning Musume is love. Even their style has change and changes so much by time, you can’t help yourself but just love all the songs. And the members! Ah they’re all such a different but awesome characters~ Momusu has go trought so much and the members have always worked really hard.
Even the Momusu’s line up has changed since I when I started to listen them, it doesn’t change my love to them~
And if Tsunku starts to do really stupid decisions with MoMusu, you can always go back in time and listen their old songs and watch old Hello! Mornings and forget the current MoMusu for a second, lol.

6: Favorite Unit?
This was pretty hard one becouse I love so much all the old units x3 Still it got to be Buono! Becouse Buono was the very first group that I got addicted to~
It’s great that in Hello! Project there is so different group that stands out from the others. I don’t have any song from Buono! that I wouldn’t liked~! Their music is perfect for me. Even the members aren’t my favorites I still like them so much. My first favorite member was Momo, that I fall in love becouse of Buono! (ofcourse I had seen her in Berryz too, but I was following Buono more at that time). I feel nostalgic when I’m watching their vert first PVs and listening their old songs~ Buono has given me so much memories as well. And Buono’s live concerts are always so E-P-I-C! That’s why I’m so exited about the streaming concert next week in youtube :’D

Graphics & Kare to Issho plaplah.

Tadah! These days I’m really into making graphics~ I’m going to start posting them here variosly.
I really like making them, becouse it’s not that hard and so fun.
Something I have recently made (Click some for bigger):

It’s maybe too blue xD
I made these to my Hello-Online’s about me-page:

Free set & avas:

If you want to use those avvies or sig somewhere, please credit me and don’t just stole my work~
It would be nice to have comments 😀

I just heard Morning Musume’s new single’s (wich is double A-side)  Kare to Issho… what the heck was that name? It’s so long xD

Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai. Yup that was it.
The beginning really stands out lol. But yes, this song is Sayu lead. Sayu lead? She finally got more lines in single’s than those her basic lines like “Ah” or “Un”. Or the screaming lines. I’m really happy that she got more lines than those “Ah”-lines that actually can’t count as a line. She isn’t the best vocalist of the group, but I’m still glad~
The song is nicely energetic and cute and the instrumental sounds just amazing! It’s a really nice song but doesn’t really impress much more like Kono Chikyuu (what was the name again?) and Ai’s solo did. I certainly love those songs so much~♥ I really like the feeling in those.