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Last H!P idol challenge! + randomness

29: Your favorite Morning Musume Leader?
…One of these hard questions xd Gotta go with Yossi & Ai!
Since Ai we’re the leader when I get to know Momusu. She has been leader so long and have made really good job (: She’s kind to everyone and a good teacher to new members.
Yossi was that kind of cool leader xD She wasn’t leader as long as Aichan, but she was still a good leader.

30: Why do you like Hello! Project?
– The music
– The groups
– The members
– The sillynes
– The TV shows
– The smiles
– The Happines
– The Tears
– The Concerts
– The epicnes
– The memories from it – The memories from it
Hello! Hello! Project HAS Given all These from us and lot more. Project has given all these from us and lot more.
“Thank you, Tsunku”

H!P is just something wonderful…It has changed my life and even tought me different things. Hello! Project is Love ♥


It’s over now ::D I finally finished the challenge. It was really fun and I enjoyed it.



Again? I was already having a bad day -___-
I think it’s becouse of bitTorrent, becouse I just downloaded stuff from tracker. I maybe try deleting bittorrent and use utorrent instead, just after I can go to Hello-Online again.

But this makes my day better:

(Woopsie it’s in finnish xD Musiikki = Music)
Momusu’s new pv is in youtube’s front page! ::D
But I hate those trolls that are randomly commenting there becouse they saw it in there -___-


Momusu’s new pv


Everything in this PV is so beautiful ❤

So in the PV they wake up and open the door to the space (really purple and sparkly one) and they're there just looking really beautiful and it seems they're searching something.

And Aichan found it! Woaa, She taked a star from sky! xD
I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw Ai grabbing the star from the sky and smiling with really adorable smile Her solo was also just so amazing. She really shined in this.
The PV is really nice, it really make’s me smile and gives a good feeling. Like I wanna go to save the earth
You can take so much beautiful screenshots of this. I just love the visual image of this~! All the girls look so stunning that I just wanna scream xD Especially Eripon! Her outfit really suits her, and she looks very good.

Did I already mention the word stunning?

Sayu looks like a total goddes!

…The dance is still pure wtf.

Ok, this is really tiny post xD I could done better, but I’m kinda busy these days, so today’s idol challenge will come later today >___<

H!P Idol Challenge ~ 1-2

I will start posting my answers to Hello! Project Idol Challenge.
Lot’s of people has done this, and I wanted to try it too~
There’s 30 questions like “Your Favorite Group?” or “Idol with the best personality?”.
I’m going to answer to two question per one day.
Let’s start!

1: Your favorite Idol?
Definetely Okai Chisato♥
Well who wouldnt just love her? Ok some people yes xD She’s so amazing in all ways. She’s my (and other Chissa’s fans) idol and role model. She’s my sunshine and important to me. And her singing is so amazing ^^♥ And just look how beautiful she looks~! Flawless.

2: The Idol you hate or dislike?
Hmm, Reina or Riho.
I don’t really hate or dislike them, they’re just the one’s that are at the bottom in my ranking. They both have good voices, and they’re really pretty, and they’re one of the most promoted idols in Hello! Project. Still, I don’t see anything so special in them, and they sometimes can annoy me :/ Ofcourse Riho is just amazing, that she can sing and dance like that for her age, but I still don’t see her shining with all her talents and be so self-confident about what se does. Maybe it’s becouse she’s a new member and not so used about everything. I’m looking forward Riho get more confidence and get better and better by time.

Btw Today’s lol moment:

Morning Musume’s 47th singles, single V cover.
When you spot him, you will lol.

Graphics & Kare to Issho plaplah.

Tadah! These days I’m really into making graphics~ I’m going to start posting them here variosly.
I really like making them, becouse it’s not that hard and so fun.
Something I have recently made (Click some for bigger):

It’s maybe too blue xD
I made these to my Hello-Online’s about me-page:

Free set & avas:

If you want to use those avvies or sig somewhere, please credit me and don’t just stole my work~
It would be nice to have comments 😀

I just heard Morning Musume’s new single’s (wich is double A-side)  Kare to Issho… what the heck was that name? It’s so long xD

Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai. Yup that was it.
The beginning really stands out lol. But yes, this song is Sayu lead. Sayu lead? She finally got more lines in single’s than those her basic lines like “Ah” or “Un”. Or the screaming lines. I’m really happy that she got more lines than those “Ah”-lines that actually can’t count as a line. She isn’t the best vocalist of the group, but I’m still glad~
The song is nicely energetic and cute and the instrumental sounds just amazing! It’s a really nice song but doesn’t really impress much more like Kono Chikyuu (what was the name again?) and Ai’s solo did. I certainly love those songs so much~♥ I really like the feeling in those.