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H!P idol challenge 9-10

9: The voice you dislike?
Do I have to answer to this? >__<
I'm sorry but…Sayumi.
In japan's idol world you actually can be idol even if you're not a good singer. Sayumi herself said that Tsunku choosed her becouse she was so cute :__D
I'm not suprised that why she's not getting so much lines in singles, even she's popular. And if she get's lines they're almost always something like "Ah" or "uh". And they autotune and they edit her voice pretty much. And she often sing in her cute and shrill-voice that fits her image as a cutie-idol. She doesn't really sing with her own voice.

10: Your favorite Egg (including graduated)?
Does Debuted members count as well as graduated? Then it’s Mano-Hime!
She can sing very well. She is one one the most prettiest members in H!P and true beauty. She’s really sweet and I love how her theme in many of her singles is piano, it’s unique in H!P :3 When I think Hime, I think of Manokitty. She’s a natural princess~<3

Lately I've been really into Momusu's new PV's! Seriosly they're so awesome! ❤ I'm too exited about them xD So epic.