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H!P idol challenge 17-18 + Help is needed!

17: Your first Idol (first one you noticed/were exposed to)?
Nono and Aibon!
Well actually in that time when I found their Ai no Imi wo Oshiete, I didn’t even know they we’re in Hello! Project. And I tought they we’re chinese XD I founded it randomly just from youtube, and I remember that I liked it!

18: Favorite concert?
The photoshop of the DVD cover is so bad…xD
Aghhhh. A hard one.
Hello! Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Haro☆Pro Award ’09 ~Elder Club Sotsugyou Kinen Special~
That’s a long name xD I love it, becouse there’s all elders and also the wonderful hearts. This concert is so full of nostalgia and something amazing that tightens your chest and make’s you feel teary. A big stage with amazing stars graduating.

Someone please help me?
I tried to go to Hello-online, but what ever I try to do it just gives me the same message over and over again:

“[#2000] You are not allowed to visit this forum.”
I can’t even log out… I can acces the site with google’s translation, but of course I can’t log in, make posts or view the picboard. I checked that my account is not banned so I wonder why I it seems that the site is blocking me :/
Is it something to do with my IP? Someone who’s reading this (Chisatointelligenceagency, I know you’re reading this! xD), please help me xD


Buono! youtube streaming

So yeah I watched the concert and OMG it was just epic as C-ute’s concert!
Like in C-ute’s concert streaming, the camera angles we’re really good so I could fully enjoy the concert.
Since I’ve always loved Buono!’s concert (they’re just amazing. Something really unique but awesome compared to other concerts), I was really when I was watching it. The setlist was great. I was looking for Partenza’s songs performed at live ::D

The beginning was really sexy o__o ofcourse they lip-synced Partenza~Let’s go~ and Frankincense, but the dance replaced the singing. Whoaa. I have to say that I love Miya’s short hair!

Just wow, Miya! Girl, you really have growed up xD

My favorites from this concert:
My alright sky
Nakimushi Shounen
1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
Ice Mermaid

Ok, they're my favorite songs but still…^^' They we're just awesome!
When they sang Blu-Sky-Blue I suddenly started to feel so nostalgic xD ;w; It was really beautiful.
And Airi's My alright sky! just wow… I was really looking for it, becouse I love that song. She really did a good job.
Juicy he@rt and My boy was just epic 0/

Some screenshots:

Thank you staff, Buono!, Tsunku, Youtube etc people down there for this~!
I’m going to do today’s idol challenge later, bye! ^^

H!P idol challenge 11-12 + Sakichy…

11: Your favorite soloist (including ex-H!P)?
Aya & Gomaki!
I can’t choose between them >w< Aya is such a sweetie and everlasting jpop singer. Her voice is so gentle but still so strong. In while Aya has the image of a natural beauty and cute kind girl, Goto is more different xD She's doing really good in her career right now (even she's going to have a pause). Her voice is as awesome as Ayas! They're both so awesome and pro.

12: Favorite C-ute member?
Okai Chisato! The best of the bestest ❤
She's so sweet and amazing.
She make's me smile and cry.
She’s my sunshine.
She’s the person I admire.
She’s my idol.
She's awesome.
I'm pretty busy right now so I’m stopping praising her now xD


Just got finally home and watched the whole video ;__;
The green glowstic sea was beautiful, and ama no jaku… Gaaah I’m crying T^T
Good luck Sakichy! Always keep your smile, we’re all going to miss you so much ❤

Also the streaming of Buono!'s concert is going to start about at 12 hours from now on!
It starts at 8am in Finland so I have to get up a bit earlier, but ofcourse I do it to see Buono's epic live ::D
Link for the video.