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H!P idol challenge 23-24

This is coming a bit late, becouse I didn’t have time since I was the whole day in the city. Geez I’m so tired and I think I caught a cold…Again xD I don’t wanna be sick. I’m shaking all over and my fingertips are frozen. The September just started, and it’s already so cold in here (/´A`); And yes, I’m talking about weather here xD
Well let’s start!

23: Past H!P member you miss the most?
The turtle and Sakichy.
Can’t choose between them.
Since we’re not hearing anything how they’re doing lately…It depresses me. Of we can hear something about Eri and her family trought her sister Rina’s blog and sometimes Momusu’s members are telling that Eri spend some time with them. But we’re not seeing pics of her. Well she wants to live private life and currently treating her skin, but I still feel really sad. She kinda fully dissapeared. Such a dorky little alien with a really sweet, sweet, sweet voice. I really miss her, and her dorkyness and voice ): I also miss her adorable wide smile.
As for Sakichy; well, She’s my favorite S/mileage member. I love her strong vocals – totally the best in S/M. Since she’s now on living a normal schoolgirls life, she isn’t maybe going to start bloggin or anything. So again, we won’t hear anything from her… I’m still not getting over it that I can’t see her smiling there in the S/mileage.
I really miss both of them like we all do.

24: Idol that is not one of your favorite but that you think is really good?
Yajima Maimi
Totally one of the best leaders~! She’s so kind and caring. She really loves C-ute. I want her to be my big sister xD She’s really beautiful (her e-hello previews are just stunning). and I adore her dancing skills. And her acting skills. When I saw a bit of her movie I was like “O___O OMFG SHE’S SO AWESOME AND COOL”. And she’s also so amazing in live concerts!
…I don’t know why she’s not one of my favorites xD

Going to sleep now. In a warm bed ♥


H!P idol challenge 11-12 + Sakichy…

11: Your favorite soloist (including ex-H!P)?
Aya & Gomaki!
I can’t choose between them >w< Aya is such a sweetie and everlasting jpop singer. Her voice is so gentle but still so strong. In while Aya has the image of a natural beauty and cute kind girl, Goto is more different xD She's doing really good in her career right now (even she's going to have a pause). Her voice is as awesome as Ayas! They're both so awesome and pro.

12: Favorite C-ute member?
Okai Chisato! The best of the bestest ❤
She's so sweet and amazing.
She make's me smile and cry.
She’s my sunshine.
She’s the person I admire.
She’s my idol.
She's awesome.
I'm pretty busy right now so I’m stopping praising her now xD


Just got finally home and watched the whole video ;__;
The green glowstic sea was beautiful, and ama no jaku… Gaaah I’m crying T^T
Good luck Sakichy! Always keep your smile, we’re all going to miss you so much ❤

Also the streaming of Buono!'s concert is going to start about at 12 hours from now on!
It starts at 8am in Finland so I have to get up a bit earlier, but ofcourse I do it to see Buono's epic live ::D
Link for the video.




Posted to Hello-Online:

…What? I just woked up and read the news ;___; MY 4TH FAVORITE HELLO! PROJECT’S ANGEL IS GOING TO GRADUATE? ):
I can’t believe it It’s just…. We’re all going to miss her ):
But becouse it was Sakichy’s own decision I think I can survive.
This is shocking. Such a great voice and awesome personality…
S/mileage’s widest & happiest smile is going to leave ):
I already was following S/mileage basicly becouse of her. My interest in them just dropped down.

</3 This maked my day lot's of better.
Gonna edit this, when I'm back from school, bye.
Edit: Ok now I’m finally back. I get time to think and now I’m more calm and not going to write anything no-sense.
This maybe sounds so fake and dramatic, but serisoly I hated to be in school. I couldn’t focus like on anything our teachers said.
I never tought that Sakichy would ever make me feel sad or especially to cry (becouse I’m a weak girl). She always maked me smile and laugh when I watched her fooling around in the videos. Becouse of that this feels so unrealistic and weird. I never tought she would be thinking leaving S/mileage and H!P inside her mind when I watched her enjoying and smiling in the stage. I always tought that girl would be last person to leave becouse she wants to. But well, it was Sakichy’s own decision to leave. She enjoyed her time with being an idol, but she misses her old life being a normal girl. I kinda understand her, being idol is really hard so after I have thinking this over and over again I will support her. The thing that make’s this hard is since she wants to study more, we’re maybe not going to see her in publicity for a long time. The same thing with Eri. She’s curing her skin in privacy, so we don’t really hear aything from her. And that always depresses me and makes me miss her more and more. I want Sakichy to sing forever with her amazing voice and hear news about her… But becouse it’s her own decision it’s ok. I will survive. Somehow I will survive and try to keep the smile on my face. That’s probably what Sakichy wants that we all her fans to do.
What I said earlier about S/mileage (“I already was following S/mileage basicly becouse of her. My interest in them just dropped down”) was kind of typed in mixed emotions. For me S/mileage’s music is little bit too cute, but I certainly love their members group life and their sillynes. My interest in them growed when Sakichy began to be one of my favorites, so ofcourse my interest drops a little, but I will never stop liking them. For me the 4-nin S/mileage was my golden era of them – Like the 9-nin MoMusu with KohaJunLinEri was mine golden era of Morning musume. Even they graduated I still love Morning Musume and I feel every time nostalgic when I remember the time of my “golden era”. But I don’t start sobbing when I think back those times, I feel only happiness. Even I miss all of them really much, I still can’t stop smiling when I’m remembering those times. Just like that I wanna later remember this with a smile and think “Those really we’re a great times”.
So I can’t stop following S/mileage even my favorite smiling girl has left. I still have Dawa and now Take-chan~
But she’s not leaving only S/mileage and H!P. She’s also leaving Oha star wich make’s me really sad as well. It was always fun to watch her working in there in that adorable outfit. When I was having a bad day I sometimes watched her in Oha star, and she really cheered me up. She’s a sunshine who should always just smile~ So keep your smile!

It’s also very sad that’s she’s graduating so sudden! 4 days for graduating! I wanted to see her more in a big stage again and sing…sing like she sang Very beauty in Hello! Project’s winter concert tour that made me to fall in love with her

“I want to become a fantastic woman,
so even if I’m holding back tears,
I live every day vigorously
That’s charm
That’s women”

I will keep this forever in my heart Sakichy ❤ This performance and the time she was still a member of Hello! Project.
Sakichy ganbare!

ps. Sorry my bad english~