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Buono! youtube streaming

So yeah I watched the concert and OMG it was just epic as C-ute’s concert!
Like in C-ute’s concert streaming, the camera angles we’re really good so I could fully enjoy the concert.
Since I’ve always loved Buono!’s concert (they’re just amazing. Something really unique but awesome compared to other concerts), I was really when I was watching it. The setlist was great. I was looking for Partenza’s songs performed at live ::D

The beginning was really sexy o__o ofcourse they lip-synced Partenza~Let’s go~ and Frankincense, but the dance replaced the singing. Whoaa. I have to say that I love Miya’s short hair!

Just wow, Miya! Girl, you really have growed up xD

My favorites from this concert:
My alright sky
Nakimushi Shounen
1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
Ice Mermaid

Ok, they're my favorite songs but still…^^' They we're just awesome!
When they sang Blu-Sky-Blue I suddenly started to feel so nostalgic xD ;w; It was really beautiful.
And Airi's My alright sky! just wow… I was really looking for it, becouse I love that song. She really did a good job.
Juicy he@rt and My boy was just epic 0/

Some screenshots:

Thank you staff, Buono!, Tsunku, Youtube etc people down there for this~!
I’m going to do today’s idol challenge later, bye! ^^


H!P idol challenge 11-12 + Sakichy…

11: Your favorite soloist (including ex-H!P)?
Aya & Gomaki!
I can’t choose between them >w< Aya is such a sweetie and everlasting jpop singer. Her voice is so gentle but still so strong. In while Aya has the image of a natural beauty and cute kind girl, Goto is more different xD She's doing really good in her career right now (even she's going to have a pause). Her voice is as awesome as Ayas! They're both so awesome and pro.

12: Favorite C-ute member?
Okai Chisato! The best of the bestest ❤
She's so sweet and amazing.
She make's me smile and cry.
She’s my sunshine.
She’s the person I admire.
She’s my idol.
She's awesome.
I'm pretty busy right now so I’m stopping praising her now xD


Just got finally home and watched the whole video ;__;
The green glowstic sea was beautiful, and ama no jaku… Gaaah I’m crying T^T
Good luck Sakichy! Always keep your smile, we’re all going to miss you so much ❤

Also the streaming of Buono!'s concert is going to start about at 12 hours from now on!
It starts at 8am in Finland so I have to get up a bit earlier, but ofcourse I do it to see Buono's epic live ::D
Link for the video.

H!P Idol Challenge ~ 5-6

Soo yeah… Trying to keep my mind out of Sakichy’s graduation and continuing this~

5: Favorite Group?
Morning Musume!
The flagship of whole Hello! Project and the legendary million seller girl group \(*-*)/
Morning Musume is love. Even their style has change and changes so much by time, you can’t help yourself but just love all the songs. And the members! Ah they’re all such a different but awesome characters~ Momusu has go trought so much and the members have always worked really hard.
Even the Momusu’s line up has changed since I when I started to listen them, it doesn’t change my love to them~
And if Tsunku starts to do really stupid decisions with MoMusu, you can always go back in time and listen their old songs and watch old Hello! Mornings and forget the current MoMusu for a second, lol.

6: Favorite Unit?
This was pretty hard one becouse I love so much all the old units x3 Still it got to be Buono! Becouse Buono was the very first group that I got addicted to~
It’s great that in Hello! Project there is so different group that stands out from the others. I don’t have any song from Buono! that I wouldn’t liked~! Their music is perfect for me. Even the members aren’t my favorites I still like them so much. My first favorite member was Momo, that I fall in love becouse of Buono! (ofcourse I had seen her in Berryz too, but I was following Buono more at that time). I feel nostalgic when I’m watching their vert first PVs and listening their old songs~ Buono has given me so much memories as well. And Buono’s live concerts are always so E-P-I-C! That’s why I’m so exited about the streaming concert next week in youtube :’D