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New Momusu’s songs.

Here’s my toughts so far for the Momusu’s new songs.
The fanrecordings are really high-quality O.O That wota who recorded it is awesome.

My Way~Joshikou hanamichi~
Really energetic song. And yay for Gaki’s strong lines that fit this well! ^^
I think I heard some Zukki and Riho here…I’m not sure. But it’s great if they got lines. This doesn’t really suprise me or make an effect on me. It’s like a normal album song.

Suki da na, kimi ga / Michishige, Fukumura
I didn’t expect anything like this xD Well it sounds cool, cute and someway mysterious. It’s 100% autotune and you can hear a lot Sayu here. Too bad, I was looking forward to hear more Fuku-Himes vocals. But this is still a good song, that stucks in my head.

Kono ai wo kasanete / Takahashi, Niigaki
I have to say that this song made me tear a bit. Oh Takagaki, Y U FIT TOGETHER SO PERFECTLY? But yeah, this is really relaxing and good song. Nothing really special, but yeah I like this. I wanna know the translation of the lyrics NOW. Somehow this reminds me of C-ute’s The Party.

Give me Love (愛)

Omg maybe my favorite, So emo-musume xD It's really touching, and the instrumental is beautiful. In some parts this sounds pretty weird, but it just make's this special ❤ Ai sounds so gooood and her voice fits perfectly in this.

OMG THIS IS AWESOME. I simply love Gaki’s strong voice ❤
So energetic and the rythm and music takes meee~ 'nuff said 😀

Still hasn't hear Silver no Udedokei wich is sung by Riho & Reina. GAKI DOES A RAP-PART IN THAT ::D I wanna hear it so badly.
Can't wait to hear all of them more clearer in the album~

// Found the clear version of Silver no Udedokei

I simply love this.
The whisper sound at beginning *o* The instrumental. Riho & Reina sounds just so great! o__o Riho has improved so much. They’re really good. Everything in this is almost perfect. The melody is catchy and I like this type of songs.
When I heard Gaki’s rapping I couldnt resist so I just screamed a good fangirl scream xD I love everytime she raps ❤ Gaki is my favorite rapper…just right after MC Chissa ::D
Can't wait for this album~