About me~★

⇦ Yup that’s me.

I’m awesome when it comes to drawing with computer, huh? :’D Well I don’t like taking pictures of myself, so I drawed myself. But my hair is not that puffy, or yellow. And I don’t own pink hoodie. Anyway let me introduce myself:

My name is Aino, young girl from Finland, who has loved Hello! Project since 2008 and YuiKaori since 2010. I love idols~ And I enjoy making graphics.

• Fav. Momusu member: Gaki
• Fav. C-ute member: Chisa
• Fav. Berryz member: Chinami
• Fav. S/mileage member: Sakichy
• Fav. YuiKaori member (lol): Kaori

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog (^^)/


2 responses to “About me~★

  1. Thanks for following my YuiKaori blog. It makes me feel good ;_; I do it with all my heart ❤

    • Np, since I love reading your blog~! So much good updates and I catch all the YuiKaori info from there, so thank you for keeping it up 😀

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