Teehee, I havent posted for awhile xD Lot of things has happened in H!P… Fuu-chan leaving S/mileage, Aibon trying to kill herself, Miki is pregnant, Ai’s birthday was few days ago, MOMUSU IS AT #2 IN ORICON RANKING, Momusu’s 10th generation (I LOVE SARA!) etc… Somehow I wanna talk about them with someone, but somehow writing my toughts in blog feels hard (or maybe I’m just lazy). So I have only thinked about these things in my own head, and not really shared with people xD

But thing I wanna now talk about is:


Well my birthday was pretty bweh xD Nothing really special happened, but I had a good day. And I’m still having good time.

Celebrating it with H!P

Becouse this makes me smile everytime, and I love this video and this duo xD Energy level 100%

Oh and page views of this blog has surpassed over 1000! Thank you


2 responses to “Randomness

  1. OMG, Happy late birthday!!!! ^.^ /

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