S/mileage promoting their single!

I was about to share one video, but the owner turned it to private so I can’t T-T
Well I took screenshotss:
S/mileage was promoating their newest single TACHIAGAARU on tv-show Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight.
When the sub-members came in they started to ask some questions.
Like “Wich senpai do you admire the most”?

Ponyo of course admires her cousin Yajima Maimi.

Meimi adores C-ute’s Maimai! The others burst with a big “Eeeh’s?” and they we’re laughing.

Rinapuu adores the whole Morning Musume. Now I’m thinking if she wanted more to Momusu than into S/M xD

Fuu-chan likes her senpai Yuukarin!

…Just like Kanana does too!

After that the sub-member started acting some things.
Fuu-chan was acting Ramen-eating, and after that Kanyon gave her critic.

…And somehow Fuu-chan started crying T^T
They didn’t really paid so much attention to it and kept going.

Old good green screen.
The PV…The pv looks…really weird. And cheap.
I can’t really say much from so small preview, but On these basis I do not like this so much xD I hope there’s something related to airport, becouse in covers there’s airplanes and sky, and their outfits reminds me of airport. I don’t wanna just some kind of space background.
There’s a part I really do like:

Pink glowsticks FTW! So they’re all Yuuka’s fans? xD

I still love the song:

The beginning sounds so amazing!

Edit: Ok here it is again:


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