Last H!P idol challenge! + randomness

29: Your favorite Morning Musume Leader?
…One of these hard questions xd Gotta go with Yossi & Ai!
Since Ai we’re the leader when I get to know Momusu. She has been leader so long and have made really good job (: She’s kind to everyone and a good teacher to new members.
Yossi was that kind of cool leader xD She wasn’t leader as long as Aichan, but she was still a good leader.

30: Why do you like Hello! Project?
– The music
– The groups
– The members
– The sillynes
– The TV shows
– The smiles
– The Happines
– The Tears
– The Concerts
– The epicnes
– The memories from it – The memories from it
Hello! Hello! Project HAS Given all These from us and lot more. Project has given all these from us and lot more.
“Thank you, Tsunku”

H!P is just something wonderful…It has changed my life and even tought me different things. Hello! Project is Love ♥


It’s over now ::D I finally finished the challenge. It was really fun and I enjoyed it.



Again? I was already having a bad day -___-
I think it’s becouse of bitTorrent, becouse I just downloaded stuff from tracker. I maybe try deleting bittorrent and use utorrent instead, just after I can go to Hello-Online again.

But this makes my day better:

(Woopsie it’s in finnish xD Musiikki = Music)
Momusu’s new pv is in youtube’s front page! ::D
But I hate those trolls that are randomly commenting there becouse they saw it in there -___-


8 responses to “Last H!P idol challenge! + randomness

  1. hi this is scislove from youtube or kjpop from h!o or jphip ahah
    I couldn’t help but notice you were a chisa fan xD ME TOOO ❤

    nice chattin with ya on youtube ahha LETS KEEP UP THE MOMENTUM!

  2. Yay for…being… a Chisa fan xD Well it always must be yay for liking Chisa.
    Let’s keep it up! 😀

  3. actually, mind if i add you to my blogroll?

  4. again?? H!O don´t like you xD las time was solved alone?

    I think i´ll choose Ai too in the leader´s question ^^

    and yeah for Momusu PV, they deserved to be in the top!

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