H!P idol challenge 25-26

25: Past group you miss the most?
Oh gawd ;w; It was a crazy -CRAZY-, but awesome duo. I loved how they we’re such a good friends and pretty bad kids xD They we’re so cute together, and they’re songs are really good and funny. This duo was something special, that H!P had never saw before. Watching their graduation make’s me cry every single time.

26: Idol with the best personality?
Okai Chisato~!
She’s freakin’ awesome xDD Seriosly, you can’t watch her without smiling and laughing. But even she’s mostly the funny mood-maker, she’s also really sweet and caring ❤

xD Some popular videos. 'nuff said.


2 responses to “H!P idol challenge 25-26

  1. W was really crazy xD i think they gave more life to Morning when they were members,….they stole the show ALWAYS xDD

    and once again same answer for question 26, she has a no-standar personality and i like that. btw the last video is not popular xDD

    • Yep they indeed we’re crazy 8D
      Nah well it’s not so popular, but I think lot’s of people knows that video so yeah.

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