Momusu’s new pv


Everything in this PV is so beautiful ❤

So in the PV they wake up and open the door to the space (really purple and sparkly one) and they're there just looking really beautiful and it seems they're searching something.

And Aichan found it! Woaa, She taked a star from sky! xD
I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw Ai grabbing the star from the sky and smiling with really adorable smile Her solo was also just so amazing. She really shined in this.
The PV is really nice, it really make’s me smile and gives a good feeling. Like I wanna go to save the earth
You can take so much beautiful screenshots of this. I just love the visual image of this~! All the girls look so stunning that I just wanna scream xD Especially Eripon! Her outfit really suits her, and she looks very good.

Did I already mention the word stunning?

Sayu looks like a total goddes!

…The dance is still pure wtf.

Ok, this is really tiny post xD I could done better, but I’m kinda busy these days, so today’s idol challenge will come later today >___<


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