Buono! youtube streaming

So yeah I watched the concert and OMG it was just epic as C-ute’s concert!
Like in C-ute’s concert streaming, the camera angles we’re really good so I could fully enjoy the concert.
Since I’ve always loved Buono!’s concert (they’re just amazing. Something really unique but awesome compared to other concerts), I was really when I was watching it. The setlist was great. I was looking for Partenza’s songs performed at live ::D

The beginning was really sexy o__o ofcourse they lip-synced Partenza~Let’s go~ and Frankincense, but the dance replaced the singing. Whoaa. I have to say that I love Miya’s short hair!

Just wow, Miya! Girl, you really have growed up xD

My favorites from this concert:
My alright sky
Nakimushi Shounen
1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
Ice Mermaid

Ok, they're my favorite songs but still…^^' They we're just awesome!
When they sang Blu-Sky-Blue I suddenly started to feel so nostalgic xD ;w; It was really beautiful.
And Airi's My alright sky! just wow… I was really looking for it, becouse I love that song. She really did a good job.
Juicy he@rt and My boy was just epic 0/

Some screenshots:

Thank you staff, Buono!, Tsunku, Youtube etc people down there for this~!
I’m going to do today’s idol challenge later, bye! ^^

2 responses to “Buono! youtube streaming

  1. it was awesome, and as you said the camera´s work was perfect

    i enjoyed it even if i wanted sleep more xDD thanks for screen caps ❤

    My alright sky was awesome too but my favourite is Momo´s main song….i hope they broadcast more concerts from now xD it´s good for people who can´t go to concerts like me lol

    • I agree that it’s just awesome that they stream concerts ’cause I can’t go to japan… xD It would be so awesome to go to concert some day.

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