H!P Idol Challenge ~ 7-8

7: Favorite Couple/Duo?
Chisato Okai & Hagiwara Mai combo aka ChisaMai~!
My 2 favorite C-uties! They have been friends so long time, and I just love seeing they fooling around together xD They’re both really cute and sometimes dorky. Their voices blend together pretty well and they’re so cute when they wear similiar clothes. They’re just awesome, you can’t really explain it in words.

8: Your favorite voice?
THIS WAS REALLY HARD. So many amazing voices in H!P ;w; Aya, Eri, Gaki, Chissa, Ai, Miki, Aibon…the list just continues.
But in the end it’s Chissa vs. Gaki xD Almost impossible decision.
Who’s going to win?
…Niigaki Risa
She has been singing over 10 years so her voice has really make progress. Her singing verges perfection. It’s so strong and she can control her voice so perfectly. She can sing many different and even boring songs and make them sound fantastic.
I also just love Chissa’s strong voice, but the control isn’t as good as Gaki has ^^ That’s why I prefer Gaki.
My favorite solos from her:

Well the last one has some Ai in but whatever xD

Speaking of Gaki… She is going to have a special fc event with Mizuki in October ^^/´
I’m really happy, since they’re both such a good singers and we’re maybe going to have a solo from both of them.
Can’t wait!

3 responses to “H!P Idol Challenge ~ 7-8

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  2. haha, i choose Chisamai too, Momochisa was close…epic units if they do one xD

    and i agree with your favourite voice, gaki´san´s voice is my favourite in Morning (Ai chan is awesome but i feel more with Gaki)….

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