H!P Idol Challenge ~ 1-2

I will start posting my answers to Hello! Project Idol Challenge.
Lot’s of people has done this, and I wanted to try it too~
There’s 30 questions like “Your Favorite Group?” or “Idol with the best personality?”.
I’m going to answer to two question per one day.
Let’s start!

1: Your favorite Idol?
Definetely Okai Chisato♥
Well who wouldnt just love her? Ok some people yes xD She’s so amazing in all ways. She’s my (and other Chissa’s fans) idol and role model. She’s my sunshine and important to me. And her singing is so amazing ^^♥ And just look how beautiful she looks~! Flawless.

2: The Idol you hate or dislike?
Hmm, Reina or Riho.
I don’t really hate or dislike them, they’re just the one’s that are at the bottom in my ranking. They both have good voices, and they’re really pretty, and they’re one of the most promoted idols in Hello! Project. Still, I don’t see anything so special in them, and they sometimes can annoy me :/ Ofcourse Riho is just amazing, that she can sing and dance like that for her age, but I still don’t see her shining with all her talents and be so self-confident about what se does. Maybe it’s becouse she’s a new member and not so used about everything. I’m looking forward Riho get more confidence and get better and better by time.

Btw Today’s lol moment:

Morning Musume’s 47th singles, single V cover.
When you spot him, you will lol.

4 responses to “H!P Idol Challenge ~ 1-2

  1. lol @ tsunku xD what was that tsunku? xDD

    I could try this idol challenge too ^^ i don´t know….and i agree, Chisato is someone who you just can like and admire

    • Thinking the same question over and over again “what was that Tsunku?” xD
      You really should do it! It’s always interesting to read these challenges ^^

  2. Ape-monkey

    Lolled for Tsunku XD
    I will try that challenge too ^^

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