Fresh start!

So this is my new blog~! How do you like it? I like this new blog’s appearance much more than my previous one.
If you don’t know why did I do a new blog, please read my announcement at my old blog
So yeah, blogger went finally totally nuts, but actually I’m kind of glad about it, becouse I wasn’t really satisfield with my old one.
I’m not used to this yet, and posting is some way pretty hard (Blogger is more easier to use), but I will keep trying and start posting~
Nowdays I’m feeling like posting only in English. Sorry all my readers who liked my Finnish posts. I don’t know why, but I writing posts in finnish feels weird… And I really like writing english, and that way I learn english more and more.
I will be really happy if some of you will start to follow my blog m(_ _)m All new readers are welcome too~!

2 responses to “Fresh start!

  1. what a welcome pic xDD seriously i laughed hard xD…ah wordpress….i prefer wordpress too despite blogger is easier as you said….

    so from now in wordpress too…yoroshiku ^^

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