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H!P idol challenge 17-18 + Help is needed!

17: Your first Idol (first one you noticed/were exposed to)?
Nono and Aibon!
Well actually in that time when I found their Ai no Imi wo Oshiete, I didn’t even know they we’re in Hello! Project. And I tought they we’re chinese XD I founded it randomly just from youtube, and I remember that I liked it!

18: Favorite concert?
The photoshop of the DVD cover is so bad…xD
Aghhhh. A hard one.
Hello! Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Haro☆Pro Award ’09 ~Elder Club Sotsugyou Kinen Special~
That’s a long name xD I love it, becouse there’s all elders and also the wonderful hearts. This concert is so full of nostalgia and something amazing that tightens your chest and make’s you feel teary. A big stage with amazing stars graduating.

Someone please help me?
I tried to go to Hello-online, but what ever I try to do it just gives me the same message over and over again:

“[#2000] You are not allowed to visit this forum.”
I can’t even log out… I can acces the site with google’s translation, but of course I can’t log in, make posts or view the picboard. I checked that my account is not banned so I wonder why I it seems that the site is blocking me :/
Is it something to do with my IP? Someone who’s reading this (Chisatointelligenceagency, I know you’re reading this! xD), please help me xD


Momusu’s new pv


Everything in this PV is so beautiful ❤

So in the PV they wake up and open the door to the space (really purple and sparkly one) and they're there just looking really beautiful and it seems they're searching something.

And Aichan found it! Woaa, She taked a star from sky! xD
I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw Ai grabbing the star from the sky and smiling with really adorable smile Her solo was also just so amazing. She really shined in this.
The PV is really nice, it really make’s me smile and gives a good feeling. Like I wanna go to save the earth
You can take so much beautiful screenshots of this. I just love the visual image of this~! All the girls look so stunning that I just wanna scream xD Especially Eripon! Her outfit really suits her, and she looks very good.

Did I already mention the word stunning?

Sayu looks like a total goddes!

…The dance is still pure wtf.

Ok, this is really tiny post xD I could done better, but I’m kinda busy these days, so today’s idol challenge will come later today >___<

H!P idol challenge 15-16

15: Favorite Morning Musume member (current)?
Niigaki Risa. Is there someone as awesome girl like her? Definetely not! xD She’s unique. The picture above tells all. Her singing is so strong that makes me just go weak. When she’s on stage she shines. She really stands out becouse she’s so kickass in concerts! And her pesonality is so awesome xD There’s no way that someone could hate this girl. The queen of reactions and of course the creator of MAYUGE BEEEAM~!
Even urban dictionary thinks she's awesome:

niigaki risa
GOD, a member of the all awesome jpop group Morning Musume.
You wish you were as cool as niigaki risa, but no sadly you aren’t

xDD So true.

16: Favorite S/mileage member?
Ogawa Saki
The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will.
Ok, I haven’t really get know the new members of S/mileage & I don’t know if someone is going to be my new favorite, but right now it’s Sakichy power 4ever.
The adorable sunshine with amazing vocals and happy smile. That’s Sakichy.

Changing the subject….

Just O____O
*is dead* lol. That’s my fangiring moment xD
Tsunku made a big and a HORRIBLE mistake of letting this amazing girl go away…Also the same with LinLin.
A horrible, horrible mistake.

H!P idol challenge 13-14

13: Favorite Berryz Koubou member?
She’s the princess of smiles! (Chissa is the queen xD).
I love her personality. Such a happy and dorky girl. Chinami is so pinchably cute and gorgeous! She’s not maybe the best singer in Berryz, but she really has improved her vocals. She totally deserves more lines and camera time.

14: Favorite Buono! member?
Since she was my first favorite Buono! member and also my first favorite member ever~! She will always have a special place in my heart :3 She’s born to be idol, and her whole image is “I’m the world’s cutest girl.” Many people thinks it’s so annoying, but I just think it’s only funny xD Her character is to be cutie idol, so she can’t really help it. The thing that make’s me like Momoko is that se is a really good singer! Maybe the best of Berryz.

Buono! youtube streaming

So yeah I watched the concert and OMG it was just epic as C-ute’s concert!
Like in C-ute’s concert streaming, the camera angles we’re really good so I could fully enjoy the concert.
Since I’ve always loved Buono!’s concert (they’re just amazing. Something really unique but awesome compared to other concerts), I was really when I was watching it. The setlist was great. I was looking for Partenza’s songs performed at live ::D

The beginning was really sexy o__o ofcourse they lip-synced Partenza~Let’s go~ and Frankincense, but the dance replaced the singing. Whoaa. I have to say that I love Miya’s short hair!

Just wow, Miya! Girl, you really have growed up xD

My favorites from this concert:
My alright sky
Nakimushi Shounen
1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
Ice Mermaid

Ok, they're my favorite songs but still…^^' They we're just awesome!
When they sang Blu-Sky-Blue I suddenly started to feel so nostalgic xD ;w; It was really beautiful.
And Airi's My alright sky! just wow… I was really looking for it, becouse I love that song. She really did a good job.
Juicy he@rt and My boy was just epic 0/

Some screenshots:

Thank you staff, Buono!, Tsunku, Youtube etc people down there for this~!
I’m going to do today’s idol challenge later, bye! ^^

H!P idol challenge 11-12 + Sakichy…

11: Your favorite soloist (including ex-H!P)?
Aya & Gomaki!
I can’t choose between them >w< Aya is such a sweetie and everlasting jpop singer. Her voice is so gentle but still so strong. In while Aya has the image of a natural beauty and cute kind girl, Goto is more different xD She's doing really good in her career right now (even she's going to have a pause). Her voice is as awesome as Ayas! They're both so awesome and pro.

12: Favorite C-ute member?
Okai Chisato! The best of the bestest ❤
She's so sweet and amazing.
She make's me smile and cry.
She’s my sunshine.
She’s the person I admire.
She’s my idol.
She's awesome.
I'm pretty busy right now so I’m stopping praising her now xD


Just got finally home and watched the whole video ;__;
The green glowstic sea was beautiful, and ama no jaku… Gaaah I’m crying T^T
Good luck Sakichy! Always keep your smile, we’re all going to miss you so much ❤

Also the streaming of Buono!'s concert is going to start about at 12 hours from now on!
It starts at 8am in Finland so I have to get up a bit earlier, but ofcourse I do it to see Buono's epic live ::D
Link for the video.

H!P idol challenge 9-10

9: The voice you dislike?
Do I have to answer to this? >__<
I'm sorry but…Sayumi.
In japan's idol world you actually can be idol even if you're not a good singer. Sayumi herself said that Tsunku choosed her becouse she was so cute :__D
I'm not suprised that why she's not getting so much lines in singles, even she's popular. And if she get's lines they're almost always something like "Ah" or "uh". And they autotune and they edit her voice pretty much. And she often sing in her cute and shrill-voice that fits her image as a cutie-idol. She doesn't really sing with her own voice.

10: Your favorite Egg (including graduated)?
Does Debuted members count as well as graduated? Then it’s Mano-Hime!
She can sing very well. She is one one the most prettiest members in H!P and true beauty. She’s really sweet and I love how her theme in many of her singles is piano, it’s unique in H!P :3 When I think Hime, I think of Manokitty. She’s a natural princess~<3

Lately I've been really into Momusu's new PV's! Seriosly they're so awesome! ❤ I'm too exited about them xD So epic.