What to watch on Christmas?


It’s been awhile.
My blog has been in a long hiatus becouse of authors lazyness lol.

Anyway, today is the 1st day of December ^^/ wich means that we’re all going to panic about Christmas in few weeks. But you can also enjoy Christmas by watching your favorite idols sing christmas songs! So let’s dig up some good videos from youtube…

The must-to-do on christmas is watch this 60-medley with Morning Musume:

It’s classic and I really love this medley. Singing in english so beautifully!
There is also some other medleys….

Some other performances of Christmas songs:

This is just too cute!

Sayupinku’s & Kohapinku’s duo is just so epic :DD And here’s Aipinku and Sayupinku singing the same song:

C-ute and Morning Musume performing silent night:

So beautiful…And ringing those bells to create the melody is just awesome!

Another must-to-doo thing is watch some cristmas Hello morning, Haromoni, Yorosen! etc episodes.

And also some fun for the new year:

And of course you have to listen some christmas music also. I must say that I’m so going to listen ChiisAiri’s winter love fanrecording!

The Douyou Pops 1:Christmas to Fuyu no Uta-shuu-album is a real treasure if you want to listen Morning Musume to sing christmas songs. Here’s Santa Claus Ga Yattekuru from that album and also a video:

I also recommend 7.5 Fuyu Fuyu Morning Musume. Mini!-album.

You already got in the Christmas mood? Good, becouse I’m totally in that too.



Teehee, I havent posted for awhile xD Lot of things has happened in H!P… Fuu-chan leaving S/mileage, Aibon trying to kill herself, Miki is pregnant, Ai’s birthday was few days ago, MOMUSU IS AT #2 IN ORICON RANKING, Momusu’s 10th generation (I LOVE SARA!) etc… Somehow I wanna talk about them with someone, but somehow writing my toughts in blog feels hard (or maybe I’m just lazy). So I have only thinked about these things in my own head, and not really shared with people xD

But thing I wanna now talk about is:


Well my birthday was pretty bweh xD Nothing really special happened, but I had a good day. And I’m still having good time.

Celebrating it with H!P

Becouse this makes me smile everytime, and I love this video and this duo xD Energy level 100%

Oh and page views of this blog has surpassed over 1000! Thank you

S/mileage promoting their single!

I was about to share one video, but the owner turned it to private so I can’t T-T
Well I took screenshotss:
S/mileage was promoating their newest single TACHIAGAARU on tv-show Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke Eight.
When the sub-members came in they started to ask some questions.
Like “Wich senpai do you admire the most”?

Ponyo of course admires her cousin Yajima Maimi.

Meimi adores C-ute’s Maimai! The others burst with a big “Eeeh’s?” and they we’re laughing.

Rinapuu adores the whole Morning Musume. Now I’m thinking if she wanted more to Momusu than into S/M xD

Fuu-chan likes her senpai Yuukarin!

…Just like Kanana does too!

After that the sub-member started acting some things.
Fuu-chan was acting Ramen-eating, and after that Kanyon gave her critic.

…And somehow Fuu-chan started crying T^T
They didn’t really paid so much attention to it and kept going.

Old good green screen.
The PV…The pv looks…really weird. And cheap.
I can’t really say much from so small preview, but On these basis I do not like this so much xD I hope there’s something related to airport, becouse in covers there’s airplanes and sky, and their outfits reminds me of airport. I don’t wanna just some kind of space background.
There’s a part I really do like:

Pink glowsticks FTW! So they’re all Yuuka’s fans? xD

I still love the song:

The beginning sounds so amazing!

Edit: Ok here it is again:

Chissa’s all solo lines.

I was bored…Or actually I shouldn’t been xD I should do my homeworks from this week.
So anyway, I did this:

Okai Chisato’s all solo lines!
There can be some mistakes.
Enjoy while you can! I hope UFA doesn’t remove this…
And btw H!O is working again. Luckily it blocked me only one day.

Last H!P idol challenge! + randomness

29: Your favorite Morning Musume Leader?
…One of these hard questions xd Gotta go with Yossi & Ai!
Since Ai we’re the leader when I get to know Momusu. She has been leader so long and have made really good job (: She’s kind to everyone and a good teacher to new members.
Yossi was that kind of cool leader xD She wasn’t leader as long as Aichan, but she was still a good leader.

30: Why do you like Hello! Project?
– The music
– The groups
– The members
– The sillynes
– The TV shows
– The smiles
– The Happines
– The Tears
– The Concerts
– The epicnes
– The memories from it – The memories from it
Hello! Hello! Project HAS Given all These from us and lot more. Project has given all these from us and lot more.
“Thank you, Tsunku”

H!P is just something wonderful…It has changed my life and even tought me different things. Hello! Project is Love ♥


It’s over now ::D I finally finished the challenge. It was really fun and I enjoyed it.



Again? I was already having a bad day -___-
I think it’s becouse of bitTorrent, becouse I just downloaded stuff from tracker. I maybe try deleting bittorrent and use utorrent instead, just after I can go to Hello-Online again.

But this makes my day better:

(Woopsie it’s in finnish xD Musiikki = Music)
Momusu’s new pv is in youtube’s front page! ::D
But I hate those trolls that are randomly commenting there becouse they saw it in there -___-

H!P idol challenge 27-28 + Hapirapi ~Sunrise

27: Idol that you have a special place in your heart for?
She was my first favorite member ever and I have really good fangirling memories of her xD
I like her a lot, and still keep following her~!

28: Idol the brings to you special memories of something or somebody?
This little bit shy girl. Miya
Becouse I had a friend who was huge Miya (: She tought me to magical Hello! Project world, and we together always learned some H!P’s dances and we fangirled together. And we really liked Buono! and we always practised Buono’s dances -She danced Miya’s part and I danced Momo’s part.
Too bad she doesn’t like H!P anymore Dx

Kikkawa You’s new PV is released!


So happy and beautiful ::D This really made me smile
I like that PV is taked at outside and not indoors.
I wish the PV could has more storyline, but yeah this is great.
3:13-3:40 I LOVE THIS PART. Kikka sounds so amazing, and I love how after the song turns out again happy.

New Momusu’s songs.

Here’s my toughts so far for the Momusu’s new songs.
The fanrecordings are really high-quality O.O That wota who recorded it is awesome.

My Way~Joshikou hanamichi~
Really energetic song. And yay for Gaki’s strong lines that fit this well! ^^
I think I heard some Zukki and Riho here…I’m not sure. But it’s great if they got lines. This doesn’t really suprise me or make an effect on me. It’s like a normal album song.

Suki da na, kimi ga / Michishige, Fukumura
I didn’t expect anything like this xD Well it sounds cool, cute and someway mysterious. It’s 100% autotune and you can hear a lot Sayu here. Too bad, I was looking forward to hear more Fuku-Himes vocals. But this is still a good song, that stucks in my head.

Kono ai wo kasanete / Takahashi, Niigaki
I have to say that this song made me tear a bit. Oh Takagaki, Y U FIT TOGETHER SO PERFECTLY? But yeah, this is really relaxing and good song. Nothing really special, but yeah I like this. I wanna know the translation of the lyrics NOW. Somehow this reminds me of C-ute’s The Party.

Give me Love (愛)

Omg maybe my favorite, So emo-musume xD It's really touching, and the instrumental is beautiful. In some parts this sounds pretty weird, but it just make's this special ❤ Ai sounds so gooood and her voice fits perfectly in this.

OMG THIS IS AWESOME. I simply love Gaki’s strong voice ❤
So energetic and the rythm and music takes meee~ 'nuff said 😀

Still hasn't hear Silver no Udedokei wich is sung by Riho & Reina. GAKI DOES A RAP-PART IN THAT ::D I wanna hear it so badly.
Can't wait to hear all of them more clearer in the album~

// Found the clear version of Silver no Udedokei

I simply love this.
The whisper sound at beginning *o* The instrumental. Riho & Reina sounds just so great! o__o Riho has improved so much. They’re really good. Everything in this is almost perfect. The melody is catchy and I like this type of songs.
When I heard Gaki’s rapping I couldnt resist so I just screamed a good fangirl scream xD I love everytime she raps ❤ Gaki is my favorite rapper…just right after MC Chissa ::D
Can't wait for this album~